Friday, 11 March 2011

Freerange Records Colour Series: Violet 08 - Released 4th April

Time for another Colour Comp no?  Yes, of course it is.  It’s number 8 in the series and it’s violet.  And we reckon its the best yet but i suppose we should let you lot be the judge of that.  As always, the Colour Comps round up our favourite Freerange tracks of the year with the addition of four punctiliously interwoven exclusives which also make up the  accompanying 12” vinyl sampler.  Needless to say, a quick flick through the tracklisting reads like a roll call of underground house heros including KiNK, Rozzo, Losoul, Jimpster, Shur-i-kan and Tony Lionni to name a few.

So who better than Freerange main man Jimpster to kick things off with his homage to classic 90’s house entitled Inside The Loop, the favourite of many a discerning DJ from Jimpster’s last EP Alsace & Lorraine.  Lovebirds is up next having been put through KiNK’s finely tuned sonic mangle with the result being a hyped up disco-infused track that’s loaded with grainy funk.  Next we have Melbourne’s finest Mic Newman stepping up with the first exclusive Filthy Forever, a raw and pumping high energy track straight out of the MCDE school of disco meets hip hop meets dirty old-school house.  Nikola Gala, Bassfort and Tony Lionni all come good with their tried and tested Freerange hits Keep Walking, Dixtritt and Deep Field until it’s time for the second exclusive in the form of The Faint Of Heart by Arithmetics aka Matt Masters and Pezzner.  Here they deliver a lovely track laden with chiming synth arpeggiations and layers of building pads all underpinned by a fat deep house groove.  Next up we have another exclusive from Jimpster with a track entitled Cloudwalking - a low slung, swampy and slightly acidic  little number complete with trippy warped-out vocal samples tailor made for those special moments on the late night floors.  Shur-i-kan goes all guns blazing in his riotous tribute to a particular night in the land of the rising sun then its down to Rozzo to strip back Pezzner’s The Tracks Are Alive to within an inch of its life.  Tomson & Benedict show off their uber deep capabilities on Rainy Things until it’s time for the finale, the pièce de résistance in the form of Martin Patiño’s Make Love.  This is a very special track which has been raising roofs wherever Martin and Jimpster have been playing it from Johannesburg to Berlin to Tokyo.  Layers of ostinato orchestral strings build gradually over the course of the piece getting increasingly intense with the energy levels being hightened further by the lack of any kick drum throughout the entire track teasing the  dancefloor into submission.  A real classic in the making we feel, and the perfect close to  what we hope you agree is a perfect compilation of underground house sounds.



1    Jimpster - Inside the Loop  
2    Lovebirds - My Man    (KiNK Remix)
3    Mic Newman - Filthy Forever  
4    Nikola Gala - Broken Chords  
5    Bassfort - Dixtrit    (Jimpster Remix)
6    Tony Lionni - Deep Field     (Losoul Remix)
7    Arithmetics - For The Faint Of Heart  
8    Jimpster - Cloudwalking  
9    Shur-i-kan - One Night in Tokyo  
10  Pezzner - The Tracks are Alive    (Rozzo Remix)
11    Tomson|Benedict - Rainy Things    (Telepathy Dub)
12    Martin Patino - Make Love   


  1. Its about time for another colour compilation!

  2. I've just listened to some songs of them. Good stuff!

  3. I can only listen to the first 3 or 4 songs and then after that I have to listen to something else.

  4. Thanks for the list. I'll have to check them out sometime when I'm bored.

  5. nice, i will check it out tomorrow.